Looking for Co-Founder

This is Kin Meng, founder of Gameconomy. I am currently looking for a co-founder who believes in Blockchain and wants to create positive impact in the gaming industry with this technology.
The product is currently under in-house development here in Malaysia and we have an ambitious goal for beta launch in 5 months.
If you have experienced and are passionate about Blockchain and gaming industry, let’s have a chat.


Can you tell us more details about your project and why you actually looking for co-founder.

Currently I am solo founder and building the platform now with the current team that I have. I am looking for a co-founder who can support and help in go to market and business development.

What platform are you building your games on at the moment?

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Thanks for the sharing. I’m also interested to know, what will be unique about it since we already LoomX and Enjin.

Hi! We are targeting Unity3D to start with.

The idea is about the same, Enjin is built on Ethereum which may be too slow for games. LoomX is already considered a better choice between them if you ask me. However, instead of trying to bring Blockchain gaming to game developers which may be too overwhelming, we only focus on adding value by bringing their game items and resources to Blockchain and provide a mean for true ownership to gamers without affecting too much on the game economy, improve gamers lifetime value and generate monthly recurring revenue for game developers.


Have you looked into Matic Network? They are also ETH based, but have a working implemented version of Plasma which should in theory have fixed all scalability issues.

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@kinmeng.chan How will you measure matching with your co-founder. For me it’s like a marriage or worse. Because it should be long story…

All people are different, set say, we have PersonA and PersonB - how you’ll decide between them?

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Interesting. However it maybe too risky for us to jump on board at the moment.

@arthur.tkachenko It all based on synergy and how we can commit to each other to make it successful. Second is how much value PersonA and PersonB can add or promised to add. It will definitely be a long process for me to get a co-founder on board but i guess that is pretty normal.

It all based on synergy and how we can commit to each other to make it successful.

I think I can date your age and understand that this is will be your first co-founder experience :slight_smile: Or am i wrong?

can add or promised to add

People tend to change their promises during the project. Or their motivation will be fly off, like a perfume scent and …

is pretty normal

For sure it is. I like that you understand the power of teaming up. But again - i’m just trying to help and make it less painful. Not each person recovering from bad experience - this is what i learned

@arthur.tkachenko yes you are right, I currently run a software company on my own. Had a co-founder who left when the time was bad, also had a co-founder who failed to commit before it even started.
Because I am a tech guy, so there are people come to approached to join as co-founder but sound like their idea is already valued at million dollar even before it is being built.

You see - it’s a very hard to find a right person - both for business and life.

And sometimes I think it’s better to wait more and then hire a person. Because when you pay money - you’re boss and a lot of people prefer to work under the boss. And you can fire him later. With close relations it’s hard to break up.

Again main advice - don’t listen any advices and do as you feel you should do.

Any particular reason this person should be passionate about Blockchain?
Who’s your target audience? Only those who understands metamask or similar crypto tools or any general gamer? If the user needs to understand metamask like tools, is there a way to make it more abstract, so any gamer can jump in? If it’s not then why bring the talk of blockchain? It could be a rockstar sales guy from gaming industry who can take your new age tech to masses. As a tech guy, you can talk about Blockchain and the advantages of it. That’s my take on it.

I sure understand that you are looking for someone who can understand the tech, so he can put his efforts on those lines and align himself with what’s happening and also network with relavant people who can take it forward. But yeah, weigh in the necessity of passion towards blockchain vs complementing your skills and getting the platform to the masses to make an impact.

For newbs, I recommend watching season 5 of Silicon Valley. While the show doesn’t talk about specific blockchains, they do have a founder which inspires people to be passionate about a decentralized web. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2575988/episodes?season=5 It’s also very comedic with writers that did very good research on tech startups in the valley.

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