Looking for a CTO


Hi There
I am using IOT, Cloud computing and AI for my startup. Our goal is to help the elderly live independently in own their home with the timely intervention of doctor’s, carers and family.

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What was done till this day? Give us more details


I am not sure how things work here. Are you coder? API integration for IOT devices and health score algorithm is completed but UI is not done yet.


Yes I’m - I just think that if you’ll share more details(i.e. put 20-30 sentences) it will help people to get more interested to your offer


I am a computer.

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@IAMCOMPUTER how you can prove it? Are you only hardware(i.e clean) or do you have an OS?

@deepti jokes aside - tell us more. Let me help you with some questions:

  • Tell us about your plan
  • What tech stack do you want to have
  • CTO will require a salary - what is your offer
  • what about current tech members - are they ready for a new boss? will they help or it will be hard from beginning to change a direction(assuming that new tech boss have a bit different view on the processes)
  • do you have market feedback, investors, offices, etc - tell about any psycial assets
  • if you looking for CTO - It means that you’re CEO?
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Hey @deepti, you should maybe join our AMA and ask “the tech magnets” for advice on how to find a great CTO!



@deepti: Currently, I am a CTO of education software company.
Maybe I can help.

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