Looking for 2nd Podcast Host


Hey all! We are considering a 2nd podcast host to increase our volume of tech interviews. To date https://podcast.hackernoon.com/ we’ve done a good job with crypto/blockchain interviews, and we want to balance this with more mainstream tech and engineering expertise.

The simple of who we are looking for is: a charismatic engineer with a good voice. The goal is one good interview a week.

Know anyone who would be a good fit? David@Hackernoon.com.

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I have many years of experience in podcasting and all required hardware (currently I’m using Road Podcaster). However, all my experience coming from Russian podcasts, therefore, it is an open question if my English(and accent) on the level that is suitable for the show but I definitely would love to try.


Hey @viacheslav, the english definitely needs to be crisp, but I am happy to listen to a past episode to consider. please direct message.


Hey again @David, I’ve been interested in tech podcasts for a long time - have a listen here to a screenshare I’d created and whose audio is all me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQlFd-ZzgcM&list=PLQAyADk56ixOCBnZS1llKHweMAsrDspgq


Hey @jare thanks for the enthusiasm, but we are looking for someone with more of a technical background. Trying to balance our crypto episodes with more engineering and insider tech company episodes.


@David I do implore you to visit my LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jarettdunn/

While a lot of my recent experience has been Blockchain or community-related, I do have a fair amount of experience managing software (mobile, SaaS, etc) projects in a technical project / product manager scope. I’ve delivered multi-million dollar pieces of software before crypto was a gleam in Satoshi’s eye.

I wear many hats :slight_smile: and I’ve always wanted to wear a podcast hat.


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Hey @David , I’d be keen. All of my podcasting co-hosting, hosting or guest episodes are on my website. https://tonybaloney.github.io/#podcasts
Python by night, NTT by day (top 50 tech company)