Libra is The Offshore Oil Rig of Data Collection. Drill Baby Drill

Libra is The Offshore Oil Rig of Data Collection. Drill Baby Drill.

Libra Is Not A Gateway Cryptocurrency

Love the analogy and the depth of the observation. I really enjoyed reading the article.

I do have an alternative perspective to offer.

While we are all blaming Facebook as the root of our every problem we seem to be forgetting that they are only giving the users what they want and that is convenience-as-a-service.

First you offer a playground that is actually an echo chamber of their beliefs and interests. You then keep them there with small hits of dopamine and just when they start to get bored you offer a solution to a problem. Be it a quick way to create an account on a website or an identity confirmation you can’t argue that they are getting the job done. After all those privacy scandals we can clearly conclude that their users are more than willing to give away privacy in exchange for convenience. The numbers don’t lie.

You have to think that even if you put the truth in front of their noses, they will always ignore it if that decision is in favor of convenience.

The only reason why things are the way they are is because no one is offering an alternative. If blockchain wants to become competitive on this playing field convenience has to become a priority and we are far from being able to provide that to the masses.

And maybe it’s not just Facebook. Maybe laziness and irresponsibility have to play a role here as well.

Thanks for the comment!

I definitely agree with your analysis. People don’t change unless they have a good reason to, and even then, only when strong alternatives exist. The reality is that Facebook has made all of our lives easier and I don’t denigrate them for that. But the reality is, this paradigm we see today where private companies have more power and influence than ever before presents a whole new host of dangers.

I agree that most of these dangers have not yet materialized. But at the same time, we’re still in the early years of this development. As we progress, I think it’s only a matter of time until we reach a point where those dangers are realized and people are actually harmed by them. At this point, people might wake up.

I think the best we can do is to make sure that people keep their eyes open. Use Facebook, but know that Facebook is commercializing your identity. I just don’t want people to be caught sleeping when things inevitably go downhill.