Ledger Nano S & Mooltipass giveaway


Hello. This post discusses how you can get a Ledger Nano S. I just want to say that the offer is legitimate and I really hope you find the story to be interesting. I’m hoping to make new friends by “trading” these Nanos for some non-tangible social interaction.

Normally you should always distrust giveaways because scammers are evil. In this case I’m more than happy to help answer your questions such that you feel comfortable receiving a Nano from me. When in doubt flash new firmware to the device that you download directly from Ledger.

No one has expressed interest but I’d really like to start putting these in the mail sometime soon.


As much as I would love to get one of these I don’t know quite what I have to offer to be honest - but putting aside the trade I am a relatively new web developer looking to get into crypto and some dapp development as I find time, I am always more than happy to talk about all this new tech with people who are into it all too! So I’m happy to listen to you and hopefully as I learn more I’ll have things to contribute to the conversation too :slight_smile:


I couldn’t give these things away even if I begged people to take them. Of course you can have one. If you could connect to me via linkedin, twitter that would be best. but judging by your website:

You don’t have one of these


Oh I have LinkedIn, need to add that to my site in the next rework


And thank you so much!