Leaving Linux for Mac After 15 Years

Leaving Linux for Mac After 15 Years

I’m sorry Linux. It’s not me, it’s you. The “year of the Linux desktop” never came to fruition. It was always next year, year after, some year. Now, it’s almost a running joke.

I’ve gone the opposite. My latest desktop I’ve jumped over to Linux. Though I did have to drop to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS for my 5700 XT, I am using a usb audio adapter and wired Ethernet.

Each release of Mac has felt increasingly hostile to developers and pro users. And while recent Linux on brand new hardware hasn’t been without issue, I’m sticking with it over Mac.

Between work and home use, I do use Mac, Windows and Linux regularly. And while most of my Linux use has been terminal based the past few years, I’ll take it over a lot of frustrations I get with Mac and Windows.

I am since the early 90s on linux. Initially only a lower percentage like 10% and Windows the other 90%. Over the years I gradually reduced Windows and increased Linux to now 5% Windows (Games) and 95% Linux. My family (wife and two children) use Mac, but whenever I have to touch these devices it gives me the creeps! mostly the non-standard keyboard annoys me to a degree I cannot tell. Why would you do everything different just to be different? Why not just use a standard keyboard. I even cannot work remotely from Linux (or Windows) on a MacBook, because the keyboard translation does not work. In the Mac world you’re living in a closed box. I cannot stand that.

Having said that: with Linux you sometimes need to be mindful with the hardware you’re buying. One option is to buy slightly older hardware (it’s even cheaper). The other option is to do a bit of research upfront to make sure your hardware will be supported.

Claims to like open source, uses apple products anyways

I use a linux desktop after using a macbook pro for years - here’s what I like about it:

  • less than half the cost of mac with better stats
  • keyboard that works - $4k broken keyboards shouldn’t happen but are very commonplace with mac
  • I can upgrade components in it
  • everything I write runs on linux at the end of the day anyway

I am using Linux and very satisfied.i prefer Linux over windows though i haven’t used mac.