Launch your own exchange swiftly with Antier’s Crypto Exchange Software

Liquidity at Launch. Powerful APIs. Interest Bearing Accounts.

Antier Solutions Crypto Exchange Software]Delivers:
• Guaranteed availability of liquidity through Remarketer and Antier Liquidity.
• Ability to offer interest bearing accounts.
• Layered architecture to secure all digital exchange data and assets.
• Capability to add multiple brokers with centralized liquidity.
• A fully customizable UI/UX tool set.
• Advanced order types and full technical analysis tools.
• Web socket and rest APIs.
• SDK’s for easy integration for custody, KYC/AML, and settlement.
• Integration with advanced trade surveillance and reporting systems.
• Risk management capabilities with real-time error checking and support for KYC, AML, and 2FA.
• Configurable order management system, matching engine, and order routing.
If you have any plan to develop your own exchange, call our subject matter experts today.