Just a few thoughts how to help Hacker Noon to grow

  1. In order to incentivise contributors write more, you could create occasional events such as article competitions with prize funds. How would it be? Hacker Noon team can specify a topic and deadline for article writing and it’s publishing. Hence, when the deadline is over, you would choose the winners. As for me, I would do a required condition for participation, which would be a post sharing with information about the competition at least in one social network.

  2. Long-term competition with a prediction of Bitcoin price with big prize fund. Such competition type can bring a serious amount of traffic because every content, which relates to the Bitcoin price predictions spreads greatly. If you will have such competition, I can pitch top-tier media editors and journalists, and I guarantee that you will get publications. Moreover, if words about the competition will spread nicely, you will be able to draw the attention of additional sponsors, who would increase prize fund value.

  3. News section about Coding, IT, Blockchain, etc. News bring good traffic from search engines, but here you would need to hire at least one employee. How publications of news could be easier? News should not be published as a long articles, on the contrary, should be done short texts like: “What and where happened? Why it is important to know?”

  4. Analysis section. Analysis greatly helps in the development of brand authority + If journalists would be pitched, then through analytics you could be able to get media publications and viral spreading. You would need to additionally encourage authors to create analysis, due to the fact that the creation of analytical reports takes a lot of time.

  5. Display menu with main sections. It could seem a bit old-fashioned, but the menu makes the navigation easier and increases time spent on the web site.

  6. If the process of article publication would be optimised, you would receive much more articles from contributors. Each step regarding article processing progress should be defined for a contributor: Waiting for approval, approved and in the queue for publication, when publication will be, if declined due to which reasons and what should be corrected. For now, even with new contribute page, authors do not understand on which stage is their articles.

  7. If contributor’s article is published, it would be good if he receives a short notification email about that. I would suggest to include in the message encouraging about sharing of the article in social media.

  8. Great source of traffic could be an evergreen content: Lists of useful sources, educational materials, Op-ED, etc.