Journalism Apocalypse and Tech Trends with Christina Warren of Microsoft


Check out our latest episode with Christina Warren former journalist at Mashable and Gizmodo, who currently works for Microsoft!

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I get the danger of Chrome/Blink becoming too dominant, so I push Firefox and especially Firefox for Android which is the one last hope for browser diversity on mobile.

But, which one of these is like IE6…

Chrome - cross-platform, open source, standards compliant.

Safari - single platform, closed source, tightly integrated and well optimized, and quite behind on standards. (And stymies competition in that they block competing browsers on iOS.)

None of the current browsers are nearly as bad or as bad for the ecosystem as IE6 was, of course, but I am seeing lots of complaints about IE6 flashbacks these days, and if you’re getting them I don’t think it is Chrome that is the cause.

And I’m not trying to paint Google as saint here - it just makes business sense that Google wants a healthy web that can compete with the proprietary platforms and Apple doesn’t.

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Good insights! any thoughts on Brave?


I think Brave isn’t really part of this converation. It is just another of the many “browser wrappers” based on Chrome with an idea about how to make some money.

The thing that initially distinguished Brave was pushing the limits with their business model: replacing sites’ ads with their own (which IMO is unethical). I think that didn’t work because they have now jumped on the crypto bandwagon which has certainly worked well for them: the crypto community is really pushing them and they seem to be doing much better now.

If any of these browser wrappers take to much share from Mozilla (which is already happening on mobile) it would be a terrible shame IMO. I don’t think I need to describe the enormous contributions of Mozilla to a free, private, and open web. Their revenue comes from Google paying them for making search default and is porportional to their number of users of course.

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