Jean-Loïck Michaux (@jlo) founder of Serendipia Life and 3rd place on Draper University Demo Day. Ask Me Anything! Friday 6/28 @ Noon PST

Hey @linh… For me Libra is positive for the digital currency movement as it gives a lot of credibility and onramp for mass adoption of crypto. Colibre is a digital wallet that 2 billion people (all FB users) will be presented to use. Now the problem is that Libra is a permissioned and non-censorship resistant blockchain. It means the Libra association in Swiss (like Ethereum) and its members (Facebook, Uber, Spotify, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal,etc.) have the right to decide if something is happening or not on the Libra blockchain. Which is against the core principle of decentralization for which many crypto and blockchain advocates are pushing for. Bitcoin was created to created a peer to peer digital cash that wouldnt be controlled by anyone but ruled only by algorithms and codes. Libre for me is a little bit of a big brother of the financial system. 1984 is definitely a data point to consider here.

Now it doesn’t change much for us now as we are building our community from a grassroots level as we were doing before. We are opening more community coliving spaces around the world and we are planning to launch a governance token and tokenize building Serendipia will be in to enable micro-ownership of the real estate Serendipia will be operating in.


In a typical Serendipia Life location we are looking for the following traits:
In a landmark / historical building

Between 10 and 20 bedrooms.
Large commons areas and large shared kitchen.
A separate room dedicated for MindBody practices. >> An event space
At least one bookable meeting room.
A garden ideally, or at least a terrace.
Walls can be used as an art gallery
Locked bedrooms opened with the app
A tea bar
A maker corner
A creative room / media studio
Close to natural or cultural beauty
Less than 1 hour from a major airport
In a walkable neighborhood.
In epicenters of innovation and global cities.
Lumino therapy, aroma therapy and sound therapy included throughout the experience

By the end of 2020 we are planning to have opened 10 more locations and our network offers us opportunities to expand mainly in the Bay Area but also in Miami, Berlin or even Bangkok. If you know anyone who want to open one of our coliving in their country, let me know. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your question. We are building a space to innovate. Mainly, our vision is to create a decentralized Silicon Valley. It’s a global community of coliving and Coworking spaces for entrepreneurs, change makers, digital nomads, and creative. A perfect mix to innovate. With the digital revolution, you can work from anywhere and indeed we already see many amazing startups coming out of our houses. Serendipia Life will definitely provide the next startup garages stories.

Hey @Gina, thanks a lot for your question. :star_struck:

Thanks a lot, indeed it has been a lot of hardwork but also a ton of fun! Running a space like Serendipia Life definitely made me meet the most interesting people I ever met. Everyone you meet is an opportunity to learn something new but in the world people have a hard time to break the ice. Coliving definitely offers an opportunity to break the ice easily, learn so much about the world and the people surrounding ourselves and create life long friendships and relationships. A lot of business opportunities indeed, some journalists and influencers too. But the highlights is really the diversity of backgrounds and skills I encountered. :slightly_smiling_face: