Jean-Loïck Michaux (@jlo) founder of Serendipia Life and 3rd place on Draper University Demo Day. Ask Me Anything! Friday 6/28 @ Noon PST

Hey Hackers ! I am Jean-Loïck Michaux AKA JLO,

We created one of the biggest coliving and coworking house in San Francisco that hosted people from more than 50 countries. The Serendipia global network mainly host entrepreneurs, change makers, and crypto nomads. Payments can be made in Bitcoin. We have hosted more than 300 meet-ups and parties, were running the biggest blockchain meetups in 2017, and organized the Blockchain for Social Impact Summit in 2018.

We are opening a 2nd coliving July 1st in San Francisco, and will be opening in Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. Our goal is to become the WeWork of coliving.

Last month, we won third place at the Demo Day of Draper University Spring 2019 cohort judged by Silicon Valley VCs and angels.

That wasn’t easy since I am from Belgium and had to learn the rules of a foreign country.

Ask Me Anything about global community building, creating coliving spaces, impact, or cryptocurrencies.


WeWork of Co-living - very interesting. I see new spot is in North Beach --> great choice.

Are their plans around access to capital for entrepreneurs in residence?

Seems to me, if you create great startup culture, community entrepreneurs would be better off with access to capital, and on the other hand, Serendipia Network (and potentially your partners) would be better off holding small stakes in many companies.


Have people meet in your co-living space and went on to start a company together?

And on the other hand, how do you handle / deal with the human drama / HR nightmare of ppl living together and not getting along?


What do you see as the future of work?

Will people work remotely out of co-living spaces and how will that impact a company and its work culture?


I’ve recently relocated to Amsterdam, and am currently looking to join a co-working community. I hadn’t considered a co-living lifestyle to the mix; what an interesting option.

Given your experience in creating and sustaining these kinds of spaces, what would you say are the key things first-timers like myself should look for in a co-working/living community?

Thanks for doing this. I love the concept of co-working space, but a co-living-working space is the first I’ve heard. My question is: Linh (our COO) and David (our CEO and founder of Hacker Noon) are an entrepreneurial newly-wed couple who has a 2-year-old daughter. Are spaces like Serendipia Network suitable for them?

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Hello, I have a question but not about coliving space. Did you start Serendipia in Belgium then move to the U.S., or was Serendipia created here from scratch? And what made you move from Belgium to the U.S?
Thank you so much for doing an AMA with Hacker Noon. Love the idea of becoming WeWork of coliving :sunny:

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Hi,thanks for dooing this AMA!
What are the big challenges of building a new community from scratch? What are the challenges for those who move across the country or across the world to a new place, a new home?

Hey JLO, could you give us some example of projects that have started at Serendipia?

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Bonjour Jean Loic! I heard they are many community houses in San Francisco. How do you make sure people stay in touch when they move out from Serendipia? Do you have a specific platform where people share their projects and ideas? Merci !

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Hey Jean Luc,I guess this is very challenging to have to manage a co-living, what is the most challenging thing you’ve encountered since you have opened Serendipia?

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How do you think working at a co-working space enhance the productivity better than working at, let’s say, home or a cafe?

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Hello JLo, love the idea- especially when you consider the fact that coliving has been booming over the past couple of years.

What are the traits you look for in a potential Serendipia house? Also, after SF where will the next locations be, and how many do you plan to have open by the end of 2020?

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Hi Jean-Loick! I love co-working spaces, and is working at one in Hanoi right now (it’s called Toong co-working space). My question is how do you guys manage to keep people interested/stand out from the competition? Take Toong for example, I mainly work with them because not only do they offer great service but they also organize different activities for their users on a weekly basis, and many of the activities come from other users of the space (I’m talking about activities like talks, wine-tasting, food-cooking, social-networking, etc.)

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What is it like to live in Serendipia?

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Since Serendipia focuses on blockchain/crypto nomads, do you guys reject people from other communities? If not, do the blockchain/crypto/tech community receive different benefits from them?

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Hi, thank you for this AMA!
How much can social interactions help in carrying out new ways of doing business at co-working spaces?

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How do legal documents work out for you, working as a foreigner in the US (specifically)?

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Hi there! What do you think is better for a co-working space - its location or its facility?

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