IT industry offering free support for the voluntary sector in the fight against coronavirus

Hi there :raised_hand:

hope you are doing well in this coronavirus crazy times and global panic. :mask: I am here to ask for your support for our bottom-up project.

With Covid-19 sweeping the world, more than 120+ companies from around the world have declared their willingness to help NGOs affected by the crisis. NGOs and non-profits whose activities have been significantly constricted can apply for free IT services, access to products, tools, and specialists from now on.

At NGOs can find a list of companies that provide IT, design, marketing, and even legal services and are offering free help.

The more people know about the initiative, the more lives can be protect and saved.

Thank you all in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, why are you only focus on tech firms, and not individuals too? I take look inside, and many orgs are searching only for help with building websites or anything like that. And there are some who only wants donations, which is totally legit, but not the right place for it or? Just my thoughts about it, but great thing.

Greetings ! :slight_smile: