Issue tracking Tool for small / medium enterprises

Best issue tracking Tool for all small/medium.The best Issue Tracking Tool / Software for your organization. TodoGator helps you track tasks, bugs, and manage projects efficiently. ​It seamlessly integrates with Slack for high performing teams to get work done faster and more efficiently

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this is useful info, tnx! I also found article about moving business online during pandemic here . It’s an important info for those who wants to develop online business and attract more customers.

Hey @Satheesh1 your homepage definitely feels a lot like Slack.

What was your overall pricing strategy? The $2.99 per user per month looks low-ish but then you figure Slack is $6.67 per user per month for most customers, so is TodoGator adding +45% more value to the Slack experience? That can also be a biased way to look at it, I don’t know what percentage of Slack customers pay for additional applications.

Have you seen customers replace any of their project management software in favor of your solution?

What makes a good todo list?

What separates your todo list from the structure of other todo lists?

What’s been the best and worst thing about marketing a Slack specific offering?

How large is your customer base?

Those are my general questions. I’m not an ideal user because I think todo lists are as likely to have a positive effect as they are a negative effect on creative output.