Is Upwork The Next Wework?

Is Upwork The Next Wework?

What do Upwork and Wework have in common?

I understand that you want to make a profit from your company, after having worked for a while in it but that sends a very strong message to investors, because I do not see the CEO of amazon selling many of his shares.

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Spot on. It sends a very disturbing message. If you don’t believe in your own company’s shares, then what are you believe in? Right?

In money, the current religion of the world.

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I started on Elance too. Then oDesk.

Was a rising talent then the top rated Upwork freelancer.

I understand why you (had) to delete your post.

There are Upwork social media ”guardian dogs” that made me stop writing on Reddit and Quora, but here is a different story.

Protect your Upwork account my freelance brother. Your message is received. Out freelance fellows suspended from Upwork will be avenged.