Is there a Hacker section en Español?


Looking to interact and exchange ideas with fellow hackers that speak Spanish.

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Hey @mbenchimol18, regards from Mexico!

Will write back in Spanish, so we keep it open to the rest of the group. But I second your opinion on Spanish content on HN.

Please have a look at what I am publishing with Daniel Prol a colleague from Spain, focusing on SaaS products and product management.



PS. Will DM you in Spanish and looking forward to connect.


Hey, @ccossio thanks for the reply!
Interesting topic, I will definitely start hearing your podcast. Have a look at my podcast as well focused on Latin startups, tech, and innovation called Un Futuro Disruptivo.

Let’s see how we can grow the Spanish community.

Hablamos por PM.

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Hey @mbenchimol18, right now there isn’t an official Hacker Noon Español, but I hope there will be someday! Localization comes with a lot of challenges and we don’t want to work on it without dedicating the proper resources it would require.

Anecdotally, many stories have been translated to Spanish. Basically the process is an enthusiastic community member reaches out to the writer to ask if it’s ok to translate, writer agrees, and it’s then translated/published.

If someone or a company were interested in translating a group of Hacker Noon stories and the writers wanted their stories translated (most do), we’d be happy to drive traffic to that group of Spanish stories on Hacker Noon. A cool way to do it may be a collection of stories like “XX las historias de blockchain más importantes” or “XX increíbles historias de inicio” or maybe better titles because I don’t know Spanish. Overall, I just think it’s simpler to start with a group of stories than to localize all the software and stories.


I think there is a way for translanting using some collaboration tools.
The easy was is to pick few trending articles, move them to github for example and using power of HN community to translate them together


This could work :slight_smile:

Just to get interest in Spanish content in HN. Let me know if you want to coordinate this and would like to help.