Is Slack an Ecosystem or an App?


This Building a Business on Slack — $80k/mo with a Slack-first App. Slack is more than just a chat app; it’s an ecosystem to build a solid business on. (by Alex Kistenev) got me thinking. Is Slack more of an app or an ecosystem? Unsure how they the app has or will feature creep into the most used functionality of its partners.


It’s somewhat in-between an app and an ecosystem.

It’s basically a chat messenger with possible integration with many other useful apps:

You could use those apps all by staying within Slack, with no task switch. Depending upon your workload, this is an efficiency boost in your workflow.


I’m not sure there is a clear distinction between the two. Aren’t most apps striving to build an ecosystem? I just think Slack happens to be closer to that goal than most.

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To me, an ecosystem happens when there is ability for multiple players to publish their apps / deliverables
and possibly earn revenue.

I don’t know of many apps that do that. I would agree that Slack is closest to this criteria. But simply making a Slack compatible app does not open assured engagement / user acquisition path for your app, at least as of now. I still don’t see apps simply marketing themselves as being Slack compatible to gain sales boost.

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