Is paying for website support a waste of money?

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I’d like to know why should I support my website, if everything is working okay? Why should I spend my money to maintain it? I don’t see bugs or errors…


no site is truly static. it is always getting better or worse.


Depends on your site’s service or purpose.

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Website maintenance is necessary like - seo on page factors are very important if you are going to rank your website in the search engines. So, make your your website seo friendly, check your website page speed is above 90 or not. Creation of website doesn’t mean that every think is Ok, you have to maintain your website with more creativity, as Technology changing every day, like weekly update blog to your website, if wish to beat your competitor.
So, Website maintenance is necessary!


Hello, Jacky!
Thanks for your question.
I understand that if your website works great or seems to work great, you are sure that website maintenance is useless. However, no one guarantees that it will always perform perfect. The website should constantly be supported. Regular updates, fixing bugs, and adding new features are all essential actions to keep your website safe and sound.

Remember, times change, and the market is consistently moving. In order to stay competitive, you need to make sure your website is sharp, modern, and flexible for your customers. That’s why you should update your website to keep it in shape, and add new features to it.

The second thing to think of is fixing errors and solving problems. For example, slow page load time; broken site navigation; incompatibility with particular browsers. These issues are just the tip of the iceberg. All website problems affect your sales and conversions.

You really need to support your website. Here you may learn more about maintenance services that web development companies can provide (taking Magento website as an example) -

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Without website support it’s difficult to track various tech issues. That may cause problems for users and search engines. So, you’ll meet gaps in customer service, SEO and marketing… Very poor results :confused:

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Thanks !!

Thank you, Niko!

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Hello Jacky!
As it’s said we need to give plants regular water so as to make them survive same is the case with online market and our asset i.e a website it’s very important to maintain it on a regular basis. I agree on the point that once our site starts gaining good traffic and reach a good position we get use to it and take it linently but that leniency can be a reason of heavy loss for you as we should stay updated and keep our site too. Daily there are numerous updates and algorithms coming up and in the present scenario it’s the need of time to move with the changes.

There is never an end to the growth if you and your site has reached certain position their will still be chances of growth understand the need and work accordingly.

I also came across this web development growth link that describes well how advancement of it is taking place in the market.

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every website or software got bugs, may it just call leakage.
I do not think everybody could hundred percent confirm that no body will attack you.
better has dapp on chain that may eliminate much more attacking or viruses.
for more dapp information just contact me.

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It’s up to you whether you need support for website or not but below are some reasons for regular maintenance of the website.

  • A well-maintained website attracts new customers and maintains the interest levels of existing customers.
  • Website maintenance is critical to search engine rankings.
  • Your site’s security is a priority of the regular website maintenance.
  • To improve website performance.
  • To update content and functionality in your website.