Is it worth starting an e-commerce business?

There are so many online shops and B2B businesses nowadays. And I don’t know whether starting an online business worth it in 2019/2020…
What do you think?


Tough question. I think two things decide this. One, a good partner. Two, something VERY SPECIAL! Or, a.great price on a product where you can sell dramatically cheaper and have same quality product. So, basically yes with certain things in your favor. I actually have a steal almost on kratom from Maluku Indonesia. * just need a partner with a site and that’s it. I get product up front. And, do not have to pay until it is all sold. And as much as I want our need of this special unique project. Problem with me is i doi not have a site our the startup funds to advertise and create a great site in which to sell. So, yes I believe their id’s. In the right directions. And circumstances. Btw, if anyone had a site and access to advertise I have the product cheaper than I would bet my life on. Any other USA vendor is getting there product price at. Which means I can sell cheaper and still provide quality and unique kratom with all strains brands and any one else has to offer. If anyone is interested I have distributor and product I just need site and selling team. Off course we would be partner 50\50. Contact me at: 13048122703 with a SMS So I will know who is calling I get so many telemarketers these days. Then we can go over details product get to know one another. And essentially all of the details. Our contact at I hope. Someone with knowledge and resources in the areas I need comes across this and contacts me. I have a great product at a cheap bulk price. With better quality than most any other vendor offers, and that is just a fact. ![Maluku-island-768x421|690x378]

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The best time to start an e-commerce store was yesterday.

Any guess what the second best time is?

I would absolutely look into starting a e-commerce store if you have the interest. The beauty of these is they can be as big or small as you want and you invest as much or little as you want as well. As an example, I have a pretty simple Amazon Affiliate site for the past year, and though I haven’t updated it in months, (its just on autopilot currently) I still get 30-50 a month from it. That’s with no current effort on my part.

Some tips.

  1. Sell something you love. E-commerce means you can, and should niche down, as much as possible. Lots of people make 6 digits a year selling just one item, but selling a ton of it very well.

  2. You can start with little investment. My Amazon site just costs a monthly server fee. That’s really it. A shopify store, which I also have, is maybe 30.00 a month. Compared to opening up a brick and mortar store that’s nothing.

  3. You will need to build traffic and that takes time, unless you want to run paid ads. Either way, have patience and reasonable expectations.You will need to advertise in some way so work on your strategy and have a plan how people fill find you.

  4. You have lots of options with products as well. You can sell your own products, I have a friend who makes custom shoes for example, other people’s products and make money being an affiliate, or dropshipping is another option with low upfront costs since you keep and manage no inventory.

  5. I STRONGLY believe everybody should have a side hustle these days and e-commerce is a no brainier.

Do it!


Hello Jacky, I completely agree with you that it’s hard to start an e-commerce business now. And a lot of newcomers fail within a year. Opening any business is full of risks – that’s no secret. The major stop-factor here is the fear of money loss. The more money a business owner contributes – the stronger the fear is. But I still advise you trying to tap into e-commerce. It has some incredible advantages in comparison to brick-and-mortar business:

1. Less Risk in Comparison With Traditional Retail
In my opinion, one of the most crucial benefits of e-commerce business is that it requires minimum funds to get started. By taking your business online, you’re absolutely free from such expenditures as:

Leasing commercial real estate – no brick and mortar means no rent payments.

Renovations and fixtures – no need to worry about preparing any new retail space for work!

Managerial and inventory costs – initially you can do all the managerial work yourself.
Truthfully, that’s the main reason opening an e-commerce store is so popular among business newbies – risks are fewer, and the amount of money required for opening and running a business is less.

2. Potential Income 24/7/365
With an online shop, you can enable your customers to shop around the clock and from the comfort of their own home. It’s a win-win!

3. Selling Globally
The geographical restrictions that are obvious and inevitable for a physical store, have no standing when it comes to e-commerce! Further, some goods or services may not be available locally, and in such cases, an e-commerce store works like a portal into a great world of access to all of one’s desired products! Visibility over a global market is a great chance for your business to be discoverable and accessible around the globe. With an online store, you can sell globally and forget about any boundaries.

Here you may find more about e-commerce advantages and, OF COURSE, some disadvantages -

Good luck with your business!

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Hello Jacky, I hope you are well.
I very much believe in starting a e-commerce business, and I would say that it is worth it. I have a few businesses on the go, and creating a lifestyle for yourself could treat you and your family very well further down the line with hard work and dedication. Create the free time to spend with the kids, relax more with your spouse, and visit those places on your bucket list.

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Continuing the discussion from [Is it worth starting an e-commerce business?] {And now. Answering this WITH a YES!!!, When you have distribution and product prices that SIMPLY PUT. DONT COME AROUND TOO VERY OFTEN!]( WITH MY DISTRIBUTOR CHANNEL AND CONTACTS!!! It, ABSOLUTELY IS!/13162/2):

Maluku-island-768x421|690x378 ![64650624_8611014175

My product is basically understandable from the pics. I could do this alone. Bit two heads are always better than one. The way I see it. I havr the Distribution channel all the way from product producer straight to me. No middmen. And, for me to sell this product I have used much patience and many hours of developing a friendship with this person and owner of this distributor. Mass quantities shipped straight to my door. Without payment at first, payment only due upon the completion of selling my on hand stock. No time limits on time to sell. And all if this with no shipping prices. Only a flat rate. Once someone has proven to me that they can provide the other things needed to move the product and has a good client base, or even just experience in e-commerce and a site to start out business on. Good web building skills would be handy as marketing and an easy to navigate site with clear directions on how to get and pay at checkout from beginning to end. Is a must! So, in summary I have the product on hand right now. Just need someone who can start or already has a site it and and a way to sell it Quickly would be beneficial but that can always come later. We can either sell my product with my name an packaging or if you are already a vendor selling this I would be willing to let you use my product while still using your current product name or maybe some type of twist. With the two product names together as something cool sounding and promotes selling of the item. I am flexible. I just don’t have the time. To get a site up, design the site and then promote. I already have this deal now. So, were basically using my product which is of great quality and comes with labs showing its good and legal in the U.S. for consumer’s because of the amazing breathtaking price that I’m getting this product for the amount is basically endless and there is. Nothing except for profit to be made. I am 100% legit and telling the truth of the price im getting it for. But, I need to get on this immediately. Once someone has what I need to sell this, we will talk about mine and at that point ur price as well. Amounts we have access too. And our profit an how we will make sure everything is fair and profits split evenly. Please contact me ASAP amd let’s start making some money and giving tge people, consumers what they want at a much cheaper price. BC thats a big top selling point of ours. SAME HIGH IR HIGHER QUALITY FOR. Cheaper PRICE than others are selling to them for bulk selling or individual sales. Either way I KNOW that I can beat any price that they are currently paying. THIS IS AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY TO GET A GOOD Product THROUGH ME AND JUST HELPING OME ANOTHER SELL IT AND MAKE A LOTTA PROFIT DOING IT. I HAVE PRODUCT ON HAND S WHENEVER you can contact me for more details. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!! This is. It a game this is my business Please let me know soon and again I cannot stress enough you must be professional and serious about this. And have what I need to start selling ASAP. Thanks and I hope i talk to my new partner very soon.


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If all else fails, just call of sms to +1 304-812-2703. If you truly are VERY SERIOUS, Please just send text starting who you are and I will call right back within 5-10 mins.

I think you should try! For a person who shows interest, it’s not difficult to start a business of any kind!
Statista reports that e-retail revenues worldwide are projected to grow to $4.88 trillion by 2021.
Yes, nowadays it is more competitive to have an online business, but it’s all about picking the right niche. The next goal - find the market and work work work! Your success is in the strategy you use! Go ahead! Do it!

I can provide you with some tips about must-have features of ecommerce website design, that will help you to stay competitive on the market. While the quality of the products you sell is essential, it’s the design for your ecommerce website that ultimately tempts potential customers to purchase your products.