Is Decentralized Internet the Future of VPN & TCP/IP?

Is Decentralized Internet the Future of VPN & TCP/IP?

Internet censorship is a contentious topic all over the world today. While some advocate it as a safety net restricting access to the dark and illegal portions of the internet, others consider it to be merely a tool used by governments and authorities to conceal information from citizens for religious or political purposes.

Nice article! Thanks for your mention about our project. This is Rhea from Tachyon Protocol team. Can you add the explanation to the article that X-VPN mainly offers the technology support? Thank you!

Thanks Rhea :slight_smile:
I had actually come across this article, which spoke about V Systems and X-VPN helping Tachyon to create a new protocol for decentralized internet.

Is there any error in this post or in my article?

TCP is the internet protocol. That’s to help to share information to other. That’s why we are connected with each other. So, It is show in character format after we access the internet. That’s helpful to people to what is the user location. You can read here more

Some great insights, but regarding VPNs and the ugly side to them, I think it depends on the providers and use. You have a very competitive market, which can seem more ugly than it is in reality, Reddit discussions have proved that the security aspect is alright, what makes people think that they are not secure are certain competitors marketing strategies of “dirt” spreading, causing users to doubt any VPN safety.

True, some bad players might have given the entire industry a bad reputation. Nevertheless, when it comes to security, I still believe that decentralization is the way to go.