Is anyone else following E3?


I just saw on Twitter that Bethesda is set to make their announcements at 2019-06-10T00:30:00Z. Anyone else psyched for a potential Elder Scrolls announcement? :grin:


Ouch. Nevermind then. The reception is decidedly negative…


Hi Austin! I am super excited about seeing what Oculus is going to do at E3!! there have been so many progresses in VR :smiley:


Hey Brandon! That’s awesome, I didn’t even think of Oculus…I need to get a proper gaming rig going so I can give VR a shot. It’s ridiculous I haven’t tried it yet. :eyes:

Do you know when their presentation will be? A quick search turned up a bunch of videos talking about it and ain’t nobody got time for that. Do you know if John Carmack will be speaking? And totally unrelated to E3, but have you tried the Oculus Quest? If so, I’m curious how it stacks up to previous Oculus models.


Hey, I watched the section about Doom and Bethesda’s new game streaming engine. The demo was very impressive.