IPFS is A Pied Piper With No Flute and Here Are the Reasons

IPFS is A Pied Piper With No Flute and Here Are the Reasons

As popular as it may seem within our circles, the word “ Decentralization” didn’t really find a soft spot in everyone’s hearts.

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Wow, what a story! I thought, at first, that you were just going to tear down IPFS on the basis of some protocol detail, or more likely, because the UX sucks. But no: you build up IPFS as a great protocol, then you tear it down because the UX sucks. :laugh: I’ve considered IPFS the most likely candidate for a Web 3.0-like platform, something that could actually provide the basis for the replacement of the web as it exists today. I’m glad to see someone else is thinking, “wow, this kind of sucks for users”. You pretty much nailed it: blockchain and dapp folks cannot sell their wares to save their lives, at least as far as I’ve seen.

Hypothetical question: who do you think would make the best “Tom Brady of IPFS”? Who would be the worst?

First of all, I’m glad that you like it. Not only that, I’m glad that there are some tech guys out there that got the message. You wouldn’t believe how triggered the IPFS guys got because I “falsely advertised the technology”.

Satire and comedy are hard to promote in the tech world I guess.

The UX is getting better but it still sucks. My goal is to get both sides out of the bubble they are living in right now. I feel like there is a huge disconnect between consumers and developers that is currently bridged by false advertisement and exaggeration.

Anyway, Best Tom Brady - someone who has both a good monetary incentive and a decent moral code. The guys I mentioned in the article are really focused on privacy so I would like someone like that to show what IPFS can really do.

Worst Tom Brady - That would be a close race between the guy that sold you the story by making hypothetical claims and Facebook.