Investors/shareholders or contributors/writers?


Hey everyone :wave:

I saw a lot of new faces around here - many people posting for the first time.

We do have 2 private groups for this community actually. If you are one of Hacker Noon 1.2k shareholders - you can join our investors group here.

If you are one of our 7-8k writers - you can join our contributors group here.

To be added to either of those groups - shoot me or @austin a message. We will happily add you :slight_smile: For investors, we only need your full name, and for writers, we would need your hacker noon URL (such as this one!

Thank you!


@linh trying joining contributors group, got a an access denied message.
My url:


you should be able to join now :slight_smile:


Hi Linh, How can I join writers contributors group.
Here is my hacker noon URL -