Introducing DAO1: A self-governing entity without any central authority

DAO1 is a decentralized autonomous organization, a self-governing entity without any central authority. This organization is on the verge of developing the most futuristic community-led Socio-Economic infrastructure for seamless financial services without intermediaries. The DAO1 native token will function as the core utility token on the DAO1 platform. The token will act as a key to access all the services on the ecosystem.

Why Choose DAO1?

Blockchain-based financial solutions have gained a lot of traction in the past few years, as they have increased by 143% in 2021 alone. It is nothing but $37.69 billion including lending protocols, decentralized exchanges, derivatives, payments, and asset protocols. Decentralized applications are non-judgemental as they do not forbid anyone based on their race, nationality, gender, color, and professional status.

DAO1 comes as a challenge to traditional finance as it brings up a community-led financial ecosystem. DAO1 has a scalable structure that will emulate the best practices in the industry. The platform will also upgrade its tools and modules for better growth of the community and its native token.

DAO1 Financial Platform

The DAO1 ecosystem is a complex one that utilizes decentralized governance from day 1. Moreover, it uses Decentralised Fund (DeF) with Hybrid Advisory powered by Artificial Intelligence, Crypto Venture & Startup Fund, Incubation, Staking, Farming, NFTs, Underwriting with DAO1 holders’ profiting from startups founded by DAO1, and more.

With Decentralized Fund users can stake any coin or token with AI, while the users will be offered proper guidance on projects to invest in for maximum returns. The Hybrid Advisory consists of market data from various sources along with technical analysis and trading practices of a trading community. Hence, the platform ensures sound trading advice. The users can donate, raise funds and support the charitable organizations of choice through the DAO1 Charity Initiative.

DAO1’s Innovation Plan

DAO1 is keener about innovation in the ecosystem. So, the platform organizes online hackathons, where teams from all over the world can build & exhibit their solutions, products & services that enhance the advancement of the platform. For further development of the fintech industry, DAO1 is setting up a Crypto Venture & Startup Fund and a DAO Incubation Platform. These development plans will capture the best business ideas and nurture them by providing the best guidance and help them in the fundraising process.

About DAO1

DAO1 is an open-source, fully transparent, and theory & practice incorruptible platform. All the transactions occurring on the platform will be recorded and maintained on the blockchain. The organization members will be rewarded with native tokens for their interests. Decision-making in DAO1 is carried out by introducing proposals, where the network actors can vote by the majority consensus.

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