[Instagram Stories] AMA with Lina Survila, Founder of Abstract Stylist and Noonies nominee

AMA with @lenalisabona , Founder and Editor in Chief of an online magazine Abstract Stylist and Noonies nominee in Women in Tech award.

She is passionate about technology, but also has been studying fashion, coding, UX, and everything augmented. Lina has turned her career 360 from being a stylist to global tech PR in just two years. Her new passion is SEO driven content.

In her writing Lina Survila focuses on global news and trends in cybersecurity and fashion. She writes about difficult things for everyday people. From her perspective, people must learn about technology, and it’s creative approach to our daily lives. Her mission is to break the boundaries between creative tech and business.

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on Aug. 28th, 10 am EST.

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