Instagram Launches Co-working Feature Allowing Friends To Co-watch Posts While Video Chatting

With everybody staying at home away from any social interaction, Instagram is on the move to add a new feature that will enable users to connect via video call, along with the option of scrolling through your feed while connected.

Co-watching Feature

Image Source: Social Media Today

Instagram’s new ‘Co- watching’ feature allows users to surf through their Instagram feed and share the content with the people in the group video chat.

Explanation By Instagram

Explanation By Instagram

Image Source: Social Media Today

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You can create a list of the content you want to share with the group by saving or liking the posts which therefore can be accessed in-stream. Instagram has been working on this new Co- watching feature for a while since April last year. Here’s a demo released by the reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong.

Jane Manchun Wong@wongmjane

Instagram is testing AR Effects and Co-Watching in Video Calls

(hands-on demo)

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11:38 AM - Apr 17, 2019

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Instagram seems to have pushed the creation of the feature considering the lockdown, with the release of the final version allowing six users to connect at a time, initially which was two in the beta version. This new feature will get trending as users normally would save the pictures and then send or show to others later, but with the use of this C0- watching feature it will facilitate users to show off the best content they have seen in real-time. At this point, people would want more features like this as they will start to miss out on basic human contact while isolated.

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