Instagram as tool for fight or catch corruption?

In Russia and Ukraine(i think I hear stories from other countries as well) - we have an “Instagram” journalism.
How it usually works.

Some big, fat, corrupted man(a lot of sexism in our post-soviet countries) get money for some “shady” thing.

He is an old and smart rat.

So he keeping his head low. But he has a good boy or girl, that using results of his “sins”.

Boy/Girl cannot just be silent. They want to show up. They have Insta account where parties/cars/stuff posted.

If Boy/Girl/Parent smart - they usually move out. So for regular people, it’s hard to connect dots. Sometimes profiles are closed. So people from newspapers/bloggers create fake accounts/ follow those kids and track what they’re doing.

also, geo-tagging + friend mentions help to connect friends/family members.

Do you hear something similar in your country?