[Insights for CEOs] Starting and Managing A Remote-first and Multicultural-first Company

[Insights for CEOs] Starting and Managing A Remote-first and Multicultural-first Company

I"m Guillaume, co-founder of Bearer.sh, a Startup we launched 18 months ago as a remote-first company.

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I’m glad I read this article!

and i think trust should be mentioned from the begining - because it’s a real foundation for remote-based companies/teams.

Can you tell us about bad situations that you’ve encoutnered? I assume there was a few of them during this company life-span? Can you share them as well?

I think doing remotely and mutly-cultural its important - when you building something focused for worldwide reach. In other case - you just limited with your local views/traditions/education and it’s hard to understand how product will be used in Asia, if nobody have that experience. And usually guesses doesn’t work on longterm

Every discussion public? Sounds like “remote worker” heaven!


Thanks for your comment Arthur!

Clearly, without trust, it’s impossible to make such company work… but it should be a value of every company when you think about it.

We haven’t had many bad situations so far, I think the fact that most of the people in teamwork with others previously really helped. The worst that happened is when we dismissed our PM, but to be fair it wasn’t her fault, the product evolved quite a bit and the scorecard wasn’t working anymore.

I’m sure we’ll encounter quite more in the future, but that’s all great learnings to go even beyond.


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Team that I have in my prev company was hyperlocal.
we all was located in one town, even our freelace teammates was able to connect with us with 1 hour of traveling.

But right now I realize that having everyone together is maybe harmful for setting up a nice working process. Because it teach you that you always can reach someone and have a quick chit chat. I’m ok with that conversations, but it better to keep everything “online”.

This is why I don’t like calls - because it’s hard to remember everything, especially in busy day or when you tired.

And now, when I have interns all around the globe - I see small difference between people. All of us have head, 2 hands and 2 legs :slight_smile:

So now I have less fear to work with other members remotely and definately will think hiring more people from other countries.