Innovative Web Design Trends To Watch For In 2020

Web requirements keep changing every year. For the past three decades, the web has made enormous changes like no other technology and has permitted us to create experiences that we have not imagined. During the year 2020, web design trends seem limitless with the technical possibilities and web designers innovate new things, reinvent the previous styles, and continuously experiment on with the new techniques. Also, there are a few popular styles that would not go away like the colourful flat illustrations and ever-present minimalism that we are seeing for quite some time.

So, have you wondered what the web design trends 2020 would be like? If you are required to distinguish the new web design trends, you would require help from the experts. Over the previous years, there has been a great advancement in technology that would help the developers to connect with the users, provide new styles that push the boundaries, a strong focus on the documentation, accessibility guidelines so that the web would be more consistent and an environment that everyone can access.

In the current vast online world, it is necessary to have an incredible user experience and a creative web design to execute a successful web design. Hence, the new trend on web design should indeed make a big impact on web design for this year.

New web design trends emerge every year and the below listed are the web design trends 2020.

  • Rotating Animations – Many times you would see a rotating banner on the website. You can see them anywhere right from a large retail online store to a niche dental website. A rotating banner is also called a front-page carousel. It denotes many images that keep rotating on the website’s homepage. It is referred to using the names Front-page Carousel, Ad Rotation, and Image Slider. It is displaying multiple advertisements on a web page at a single place. Ads would be rotating whenever a new page loads every time, within a single page load, or it could be either. As the ads are in the same location, it is mostly of the same format. This web design trend is used by many business owners to add a rotating banner on their company’s website that would attract the visitors and catch their attention. The main objective of every slide or an image is to alert and direct each visitor to many products, articles, services, or to anything else the website owner would prefer to highlight.

Rotating Animations

Source: Queppelin

For a user, the rotating banner would be attractive and distractive too. But there are a few disadvantages of this web design trend like:

  1. Slows the website load time
  2. Captures the important issues
  3. Not an effective marketing tip
  4. Banner blindness
  5. Distraction to the users

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