I'm Muneeb, Co-Founder of Blockstack. Ask me anything! @ Noon PST 5/28/19

Hey Hacker Noon community!

I’m Muneeb Ali, Co-founder and CEO of Blockstack PBC. Blockstack is a full-stack decentralized computing network and is the easiest way to start building decentralized apps. Check out the 100+ independent apps built on our network today. Developers can also participate in our App Mining program where every 30 days we payout $100K, during the pilot phase, to the top-ranked apps built on Blockstack. Blockstack is on a mission to foster an open, fairer Internet that protects privacy and freedom for all internet users.

I received my PhD in distributed systems from Princeton.

Excited to be here for this AMA on May 28, 2019 at 3:15PM EDT/12:15PST

Feel free to ask a question below. Talk soon!

Here’s a link to our App Mining Program and our App store with the 100+ apps.

My thesis on distributed systems and My most recent talk on the evolution of decentralized computing and detailed Blockstack’s technical stack.


Hi Muneeb!
Thank you for sharing with us in this AMA.
I am curious on where the devs that help building with Blockstack are mostly from. Do you see greater interest in a certain part of the world?

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Hi Muneeb, thanks for doing this AMA! So distributed apps are super interesting, but I haven’t really done anything with them because the bar is so high compared to a traditional client-server app, or even a modern SPA. It looks like Blockstack is almost like the “Firebase of decentralized apps”, which is awesome! What are some of the classic challenges in distributed apps that you’ve solved, and what remains to be done?

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Why is it better to build atop Bitcoin (as opposed to building atop another blockchain)?

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Hi Muneeb,
Like many, I was intrigued by DApp development when it started getting attention but was short of mainstream. In looking for low-level introductions to it, the most approachable offering I found was the Truffle Suite. How does Blockstack compare with something like this for developers new to DApp development?

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Hi Muneeb, awesome that you’re doing this AMA, thanks for being here!
Say you had a time machine that could take you back to the days of Netscape Navigator.
What’s the one thing you wish we all knew back then, that would change the internet we know now?


Blockstack is fantastic! The aeternity community is working on similar challenges like blockstack. It’s a fully open source blockchain smart contract platform.

I really like the way how you embed wallets within the browser (I dislike that you always have to re-enter your private key if you use different devices).

My question is: how do you agree on standards and how do you finance the open source development of essential software development tools like SDKs or Debuggers, Explorers and so on. Is blockstack giving out grants or do you continuously pay a core development team to build reference implementations?

Growing a decentralized open (source) web and community is hard and I’d like to get a few hints from your cheat sheet on how to grow it for aeternity (www.aeternity.com) thanks!


Hello Muneeb ,
Fan of how you guys are nudging towards blockchain future by building a sound distributed ecosystem on Blockstack. In your view, mass blockchain adoption will come from enterprise first or from consumer facing applications or both simultaneously. Which enterprise used cases make most sense for blockchain adoption?


Hey @muneeb! Sometimes for people who lack patience, like myself, a truly decentralized internet can feel about as close as the afterlife. In a lot of ways the internet is even more centralized than age old industries like real estate. The infrastructural approaches - like the one Blockstack is taking - are long but necessary work to a more decentralized internet.

In terms of blockchain based app usage, what industries are currently leading the way? And what makes those industries susceptible to overcoming the typical blockchain adoption barriers?

Thanks for taking the time to share expertise with the community.


Thanks for taking the time to do a Hacker Noon AMA @muneeb! Blockstack looks really fascinating. Giving users control over their identities seems like a great way to solve so many problems that exist on the internet today. The privacy implications are great but as a developer, It’s pretty exciting to not have to build account management, authentication, security and all that jazz from scratch.

Were you at all inspired by SETI@home or Folding@home when thinking about building a decentralized computing network or did you draw inspiration from more modern blockchain tech?


Really excited about this AMA! Just getting started with the Blockstack Browser and looking to understand more what it can offer.

My team works on building integrations for platforms like Atlassian and Freshworks; but wanted to understand what do you see as the initial steps to create DApps in Blockstack that can enable remote teams to collaborate and deliver projects?; that is our expertise so wanted to find out if you know of a use case that where we can do our initial step. Thank you in advance for doing this AMA and giving your 2cents :slight_smile:

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Hi Muneeb - It was very nice meeting you at Blockstack HQ last week and good to see you here! Wonder how do you manage a distributed team, how do you communicate with the team, and which tools you guys are using…



Hi Muneeb! App Mining is a great way to bootstrap the dev ecosystem for Blockstack’s decentralized/crypto projects, specially during a bear market (not so much now I guess). I believe this is similar to Open Source early days, where it was difficult to incentivize/monitize developers (nowadays even Microsoft is launching stuff such as Github Sponsors, crazy huh?).

In this context, besides App Mining, what other ways do you foresee in the future to incentivize/monetize developers & founders of decentralized apps?

Hi @muneeb,

Thanks for doing the AMA.

What’s your take on Blockchain startups such as Filecoin raising hundreds of millions of dollars and then struggling to launch. I read somewhere that they’re gonna launch in mid-2019 now. Earlier, they were looking for a 2018 launch.

Others that raised over that amount, like TaTaTu are hardly in the news these days.

Is what we’ve witnessed until now been a gold rush without any gold to mine?

Hi Muneeb,

In the context of climate change, building blockchains using proof of work seems to be not the right idea for the future of our earth? What alternatives to proof of work do you see? And how will Blockstack adapt them?


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Any effective algorithms to reduce carbon footprint for Blockchain networks?

Hi Muneeb, super excited for this AMA.

My question is: Does GDPR policy affect you in the daily business operations?


Hi Muneeb!

Q: In the future, will Blockstack users NEED tokens in order to use Blockstack? And if someone “needs” a token to use the platform is there a worry that the platform will be perceived as elitist (aka. only people who can afford data privacy will be able to use it).

I have a second question if you have time:

Q: If/when Blockstack apps begins to take a sizable portion of the app market, do you anticipate hostility from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc? Has anyone made an effort to acquire Blockstack?