Im a new writer on Hackernoon


Before publishing my article, I had to select the publication from the story. But I mistakenly published my article on my page and then sent it to Hackernoon.

This article was important to me, and I worked so hard for it.

I had the rule that my article had not been published before to be published in hackernoon. How to fix this?

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the easiest way for me is always to recreate an article as a new entity(from scratch, not by editing) and submit a draft to hackernoon publication. then fill a form - and wait while it will be published. if something go wrong - you can submit a request from the same form in 3-5 days

and feel free and post something here: Please Introduce Yourself :-)



Thank you for your support Arthur :slight_smile:



my pleasure



arthur ur the best <3

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Just have a free time and forum is always open. with more people HN is more diverse and greater :slight_smile: