If Zoom is free, then who pays?

I was just asked this by my Father today evening and I thought it would be a realllllly good story; I answered him about them being the best IPO of the year and stuff about stock price (*yeah, disclaimer, I stayed up all night for that sweet IPO) , but you know it’s really hard to explain when millions are using Zoom for free … if anyone writes this story I will send it to Dad!


I paid for it.

I do remote classes, so even when my classes are usually limited in the number of students, but I don’t mind paying for premium because it’s cheap and the service is moderately acceptable.


It can be free as skype but it has limits

I guess it makes sense to pay when you need it for your income, probably most people who use it for leisure don’t really want to pay, ever!

True, but skype deteriorated to the point where we hardly remember its existence, I remember back in the days it was an indispensable tool for me to contact overseas talents, hur hur

Zoom has a free-ride tier but I use zoom because it’s simple and it just works.
Instead, Skype is a bit problematic, Teams has a lot of features that are not intuitive, Meet is slow, etc.