If you have to delete a social channel, which one would it be?


With all the scandals on Facebook etc, I have considered deleting it but I still appreciate having all my friends gathered in one place.
Have you ever radically deleted a social channel, If yes, which one and why?



I deleted all my social media account recently, but I am regretting it :frowning:

I deleted them because of addiction; but now I will try as much as possible to control myself.

It is boring without it, I missed some pages, moments of my friends etc.

I will try to open a new one soon :slight_smile:

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Definitely Facebook, twitter second. Part of it is that people share terrible content, I have a lot of friends that just share articles they agree with all day. Twitter is still good for news and current events, but I don’t interact with people.

I have changed my facebook password to something I don’t remember, then I would check it once a day on a computer that was logged in.



I deleted my Facebook account 3 years ago. It was an undiluted feed of stupid.

Stopped using Twitter after the Notre Dame fire. The conspiracy theories and hot takes were too much to take. I haven’t deleted my Twitter account yet though, I’ve gone read-only.



I would be instagram, but i use it for my business. Anyway, I’ve deleted snapchat already.



when i’ll get dzen - i will be without major accounts already. i was off from the internet for 30 days. guys - it’s amazing. and very productive. but yeah, i cannot push my code at that time ;(



that’s why!

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I can’t delete Twitter.

But I don’t use Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram so much.
Messenger is one of my business tool though because my clients contact to me via it. Actually, I wonder how to use LinkedIn in business…

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