If You Had $100B to Invest, What Would Be Your Thesis?

"In 2016, SoftBank had launched the Vision Fund, a $100 billion investment fund backed primarily by $45 billion from the Saudi Arabian government, which needed a place to park its money. The Vision Fund began making enormous bets on Uber, Slack, DoorDash, and dozens of other companies, employing a strategy that has come to be known, with some derision, as “blitzscaling”: pumping up a company to a market-dominating size as fast as possible, without worrying about profit. Son met Neumann at WeWork headquarters and told him he had precisely 12 minutes for a tour, after which he invited Neumann to join him in his car, where Son sketched out a deal on his iPad to invest $4.4 billion in WeWork. Son told Neumann to make WeWork “ten times bigger than your original plan” and to recognize that, in a fight, being crazy is better than being smart — and that WeWork wasn’t being “crazy enough.” Son said he thought WeWork could be worth “a few hundred billion dollars.”

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Move it all to BTC and then do exactly what I’m doing now. #hodl

I like that 100B catching an attention. But what here is important - is time.
So maybe find some guy that have X-ray vision so he can invest in next facebook. Sure, crypto is good thing. As I’ll have connection to Saudi Arabian gov, I’ll just rock the govement system and quickly ban anything but have ARABCOIN to be primary currency.

Create 2-20Gigafactories for Elon.
Purchase patents.
Invest in local smart kids.
Make health free by goverment lawmakers. Health country - less costs for doctors, insurance…

The thesis would be that the financial system is in collapse. I’d invest in technologies such as Enspiral, Holochain, Commons Stack, Hypha DAO, S33Ds. I’d invest in land with water and in open technologies for self-sufficiency of these commons, such as clean energy and networking technology that can be used in self-sufficient communities. The idea wouldn’t necessarily to make more money than invested, but to create sustainable places where the investors of that money would be able to live and raise their children and grandchildren without the need to isolate themselves from crime and poverty, and without the need to purchase air and water for high prices because of the wholesale deterioration of the planet.