If Biometric authentication Can't solve the password Issues?

Since scams and frauds are gaining grounds in businesses there is a dire need to have a system that ensures identity verification. With electronic online identity verification services in place that stores copies of your identity document checks, date and time-stamped with a record of who made the check, your business is always prepared for an audit. Verifying online decreases the risk of frauds like identity theft and many other online scams.

So it’s more important than ever to have digital identity verification software for the business. This is where biometric verification comes on the stage. Biometric Verification Solutions have become extensive and the reasons for using them are rapidly increasing. Many businesses even today dismiss biometrics due to security concerns, while others are making great use of it as the applications for biometrics extend far beyond those areas and provide benefits to businesses of all sizes and industries.

Biometric Identification- A Growing Trend:

Biometric identification solutions have been in the spotlight in recent years. Following are the major factors behind this growing popularity:

  • Many countries around the world have already started making efforts to establish a biometric identification of their citizens.
  • Many organisations leveraging biometric identification for applications like employee attendance, door security, and logical access.
  • Manufacturers using a biometric ability (e.g. fingerprint face and iris recognition) on mobile and computing devices.

Pros of Using Biometric Verification

There are various pros of using biometric identification solutions, some are:

  • Speedy Process:

Its speedy identification and authentication process, unlike traditional identification that is painfully slow.

  • Identity On the Go:

As we have seen rapid growth in mobile biometric applications and hardware so its pretty obvious how it provides identity on the go.

  • Convenient Process:

It provides a lot of conveniences which is another advantage. Biometric identification eliminates all the hassles associated with IDs, passwords and other possession or knowledge-based identification methods, making identification a truly convenient experience.

  • Cost-Effective:

This technology is cost-effective. Good old methods require huge staff and hardware which is not the case for biometric verification.

  • Security:

It provides promising security. As IDs and other printed identity documents can be counterfeited; passwords or PINs can be guessed or hacked, but biometric identifiers can neither be counterfeited nor be stolen.

  • Accountability:

The presence of an authorised individual following a biometric scan is a mandatory requirement for accessing a biometrical secured facility. This generates reliable and audit-able logs of accessing the facility. Users cannot deny these logs as they are proof of wilful access. It improves user accountability.

  • Stand Strong in Competitive World:

If the agency publishes its use of electronic verification systems to help with identity scanning, this gives customers the confidence and assurance that all candidates are consistently verified and who they claim to be.

Many clients express their use of identity verification technology widely, to highlight technology such as competitive strength to other agencies and to prevent a person from thinking about interfering with roles. using fraudulent documents.

Concluding, there are many advantages to using biometric security solutions. Many growing industries are using it in full swing for greater revenue and providing better customer experience. This seems to be the only viable solution for identity verification to mitigate fraud. Biometric verification also ensures accuracy as there is no way to fool the system.

The digital age has enabled online businesses to create better business opportunities and to adopt fraud prevention measures that are highly effective. Face Detection Algorithm is one such benefit of the current digital age as it can help online businesses to verify the identity of customers in real-time.