I submitted article over a week ago


I have submitted one article over a week ago. It is pending, no review.

@natasha @utsavjaiswal


Here’s the draft link. Can anyone take look please?

thank you

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i’m sure it will be published soon. In mean time you can start a new one :slight_smile:
HN have a big queue of articles, so it require some time for review

I have a few articles but I’m waiting for my current article to be published. Earlier hackerhodl said it was reviewed but I think they were mistaken because i don’t see any rejected or draft opening notification.

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@Hackerhodl can you take a look?


Hi, can you please guide me how to send queries? I can’t seem to find anything. I have a few questions about the article I recently submitted. Thanks! @natasha

@Hackerhodl can you review this content i wrote?

It has been reviewed.

Hi Dia, can you give me more information? or tell me if you request was resolved

Can you please help me, what is this link?

I don’t want to index this. But this one is being indexed by Ahrefs.

I want to get this one indexed. So can you please remove the above link so that I can index this genuine link. Thanks.

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Hi Dia, first site is not ours, we’re working on taking it down.

Hi @natasha

Can you please review this content


Hope you guys can review this one https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/z486CrXBDYsJSHrHysVM

Hi @anand1 just reviewed your story. its promoting outsourcing development company and its against our rules. i’ll reject it, but you can edit it and resubmit for our review again

Hi @arthur.tkachenko can you please tell me, this article is published under which tag? I can’t seem to find it. thanks

Hi Dia, you can see all tags after content of your story.

for example, 2020 tag: https://hackernoon.com/tagged/2020

tell me if this help

But I can’t see the article under your ‘marketing’ category? I am not getting much impressons. Can you see if you can look into it?

Hello Team, @Hackerhodl @natasha

Its been more than a month to get my content reviewed. Can you please review the content with the Title “The Many Ways in Which E-commerce Has Transformed the Real Estate Business”.



Hi Jennifer, nice to meet you.
I checked your story before. It looks good, but I assume you want to put a backlink to clone script or outsoursing development company. By our rules, stories from personal accounts can’t be promotional. If you want to promote your company services, you need to create a separated account for your brand, purchase brand-as-author credits and submit your story for review again.

check this article for clarification: https://hackernoon.com/what-is-brand-as-author-7r2ig3202

Tell me if you need more information,