I submitted a story

Hi @Hackerhodl

I submitted a story that immediately got rejected. Of course there must be a reason, but could you please tell me what went wrong so that I can improve it.

Here’s the link to the draft.


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Hi @sammy.exodus,

the story promotes platincoin. The title is misleading. Lolli isn’t a passive income source.

Article says that it will focus on crypto but the para on traditional stocks is bigger than the one on crypto (if we ignore the companies’ mention).

Hope that helps.

How to improve the story:

  1. Explain how passive income sources have made millionaires
  2. Explain passive income techniques in the trad. world
  3. Explain passive income possibilities in the crypto space - lending, staking, bot-trading etc.
  4. Evaluate why the passive income stalwarts of 2018 failed
  5. Then, mention the companies

And finally, disclose vested interests, if any.

Thanks @Hackerhodl

Thats going to be a huge help.

Hey @Hackerhodl

I’ve rewritten the content taking your suggestions. Would you please take a look at that?


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