I submitted a story 3 days ago and there's no response since then

It looks the editor hasmade some changes to the article, and added a new image but that’s it. Can any one please tell me whether my story has been accepted or not?

I tried checking my status through contribute form but no luck.

thank you in advance

if you use contribute.hackernoon.com then publish it here: "Did you review my stories?" thread (for stories 4+ days overdue)

But sometimes it’s just need more time to get reviewed. So my advice is to wait a bit each time

but mine also 4+ and did contribute.hackernoon, still didnt get the reply, i understand sometimes its delay but reply also come must… no reply from any editor strange. i just forget to mention the date as i want urgent…
but lets see when they will review as tomorrow will be sat, weekend start

I was there too. Do you know how to cure this excitement to waiting your article get published? you should work on a few articles at the same time. It can help you to deal with this latest stage as part of the process.

I told this over and over again to other people. period < 1 week is a blessing for writer. You just need to try to submit your article to some other places - they really have a queue for 3 months. And that is madness - especially when they have a huge editorial team.
So take some time and send to HN Editors a positive enegry - they really need it as working very hard :slight_smile:


I’ve worked as an editor, and let me assure you that open publications receive tons of submissions. The lion’s share of entries are written by insane people (like me), and marketers of different skill level produce many.

So, waiting isn’t baiting (sorry, that’s my first proverb). Also, folks here gave good advice: if you want to promote your stuff, use as many channels as possible unless you learn the ropes.

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Hello Hackernoon team @Storm sir and @natasha Ma’am Please please please I have submitted my stories to Hackernoon at 17 june and today 23rd june I do not get receive any notificiation by hackernoon. please review my stories and make them live as soon as possible here is the URL of stories

Did you use contribute.hackernoon.com form, right @immeltwilliam?

Hey @immeltwilliam,

Just a suggestion regarding your submission. Can you club all three articles into one submission.

Hacker Noon readers love longer stories and your stories look connected enough to try to do that. Let me know what you think.

Hi, submitted an article 7 days ago. Could you please let me know the status of this draft: https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/top-tips-to-create-a-winning-pitch-deck-for-your-startup-a62e33yzz

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HN still not finished a migration process.
there 17000 authors moving to a new software, I think it will be published soon. There is also a limit for stories that can be published per day.

I think your article will be posted soon

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@utsavjaiswal @Hackerhodl check this as well, please

@sarathcp92 – Check your DMs.

@arthur.tkachenko – Thank you.