I see drop in views on my latest Medium post

Just posted this article few days ago. https://hackernoon.com/angellist-blogs-about-work-and-people-50e950faea09
I think Medium is against free articles now…

Anyone else sees the same trend?

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Yes, any article not behind their paywall is not promoted anymore on searches, suggestions, etc. Some of the biggest medium publications have already left medium for this reason: Hackernoon, freeCodeCamp, …

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… Noise vs Signal :slight_smile:

So do you see a drop of views recently as well? @luc.claustres

Isn’t that normal? Article views drop after a while since they are no longer fresh especially if they are not evergreen material.

The drop I see is not so important because I write technical articles mainly viewed by my followers or through dedicated publications. Medium simply changed his mind from an open strategy to a strategy focused only on article that can be sell, it’s not just that article are no longer fresh.

Stories that are part of the paywall are also eligible for distribution to Medium readers through topics, which power recommendations on Medium on our home page, on our topic pages, in our Daily Digest and in our apps.

Stories that are not eligible to be part of the paywall will only be distributed to your followers

Now Hacker Noon has been launched outside Medium I can really see drop in views, some of my article dropped from ~300 views per day to almost zero :wink:

Then it looks like a lot of traffic came directly to HN articles, right?

Yep, since traffic did not come anymore from Medium search, suggestions, etc. it all came from HN readers. I probably have to move my articles now.

I responded to the email about the change in terms of service and according to https://hackernoon.com/your-most-frequently-asked-questions-about-our-terms-of-service-how-to-opt-out-and-more-66abf239a151 I assumed everything should be migrated automatically and smoothly but not sure about that now, my articles are still in the Medium Hackernoon publication and I cannot see the articles in my HN 2.0 profile. I might have missed something :frowning:

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To get that RSS bump ("+667" "+675), please submit your post via hackernoon.com :slight_smile:

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@David So I need to manually create a new post for each previous post on medium by copying-pasting and then remove it from old HN publication ?

No need @luc.claustres. We will get your stories back up for you. They are safe in our servers, just need to resurface them.

Please fill out this form to get your stories back up.

After that - you can then connect your Medium account to your Hacker Noon account like so.

Note that since you already have a community account, please log in using the same email & password via auth.hackernoon.com. You can also find that link by clicking “get started” on the upper right of hackernoon.com.

Hope this helps.

@support I can now see my 8 articles in the archives. However 3 are empty and some others have problems like disappeared code snippets, bullets, etc. How can I edit them to fix the minor issues ? Can you help on the empty ones ? Thanks

Got it. I saw your requests.

As for the minor issue ones - could you fill out this form: https://makechanges.paperform.co/?

Currently, past stories on Hacker Noon are not editable, because we are still working on email verification to avoid abuse (so that, for example, no one else can come in and edit your stories). But eventually you would be able to edit your stories.

In the meantime, if you fill out that form, we will temporarily do a 302 redirect to the updated version on Medium, and work to fix the changes from our end.

Hope this helps,

Very Helpful!n:+1:t6:

I’ve filled the migration issue form for all my past stories requiring some editing something like at least a month ago but without any feedback for now. There are strange things happening.

For instance if I look at this story on HN it seems almost OK, however if I open it from my list of archived story I get a blank page on this link. A similar thing happen to this one and this one. For all these stories the featured image has been dropped as well in the preview.

This one is still point to Medium, I guess it has not been correctly migrated yet.


@Hackerhodl can you take a look?


Sending you a DM.

Let’s fix your stories asap.