I need an author account on hackernoon and buy from someone


I need to buy an author account on hackernoon. Can any one have an author account .


This seems…super shady to be honest. :eyes: You should submit a story at contribute.hackernoon.com, and if it’s good, we’ll make you an author! No need to buy an account…in fact, if we found out you bought an account, we’d ban you quicker than you can say “hack”. In Hacker Noon 2.0, anyone will be able to submit a story for review, in a much simpler process than the current one.

tl;dr please don’t buy an account :slight_smile: just submit a story to contribute.hackernoon.com, and if our editors like it, if it fits the publication’s vibe (awesome stories for tech folks), we’ll make you a writer.


can you send me the guidelines for posting on there


Sure thing! Here’s “Your Complete Guide to Getting Published on Hacker Noon”.

One thing that wasn’t mentioned on that page: please keep in mind that in order to write as a company, rather than as an individual, you need to sign up as a brand (you’ll want the “brand-as-author” option).

Best of luck!