I"m getting blocked from submitting an article

Tells me to “complete the security process” but I see no security process option.

How do I complete the security process? I’m logged in.

“I’m already pulled over. I can’t pull over any farther!” Ha!

Anybody know what to do? I just want to submit my piece.


Hmm, can you tell more details?

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I’m trying to submit this article and I can’t!

Hackernoon moved away from Medium and now not accepting publications via Medium tool.
You should create an account at Hackernoon.com, connect your medium handle at profile and then copy-paste content at inner editor and submit your article to editorial team

Arthur, dude, I’ve tried exactly that. No idea. UX/UI is too confusing.

Highly recommend creating a ten minute screen-captured how-to video for submitting articles.

This is most certainly a task worth putting time into - “mission critical” for HackerNoon.

This has already taken longer than it took me to write the article I’m trying to submit - not good!

I understand you - have similar feelings, but it part of the process of HN transition. I think team working hard to make it work better.

Check this FAQ section - maybe it will help: https://help.hackernoon.com/app/page/1SA74OSPm3a5D_oVwoJmogw_FVSrvQ-aL

But 100% agree about video, maybe @david can make it and upload to main HN youTube channeL