I’m Carlos, Co-Founder of Securitize. Ask me anything! @Noon PST 5/31/19

My name is Carlos Domingo,

I am the Co-Founder and CEO of Securitize, a primary issuance and lifecycle management platform and protocol for digital securities, or security tokens. We launched Securitize in 2017 with the vision to make all the world’s securities digital through tokenization using Blockchain technology. We are already executing on our vision with eight digital securities live on the Ethereum Blockchain that have been issued using our platform, four of which are trading in public markets using our compliance protocol, the DS Protocol. We are the only independent security tokens compliance protocol that has actual security tokens trading in regulated marketplaces. We also have dozens of additional customers about to issue their security tokens using our platform as well.

Before founding Securitize, I was the CEO of Telefonica R&D and the CEO of New Business and Innovation at Telefonica Digital. I am also the co-founder of SPiCE VC, the first fully tokenized VC fund in the world. I have a Masters in Computer Science from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain and post graduate business studies from Stanford Business School.

I will be answering your questions live on May 31st, 2019 12:00PM. I’m very excited to be here on Hacker Noon’s Discourse instance.

Here is a link to add the Hackernoon AMA to your calendar. Please feel free to ask me any questions below.

Carlos Domingo


Back to back AMA’s in the Blockchain space :slight_smile:

Carlos un gusto verte por estos rumbos!

Ya apuntados para el AMA.

What would you recommend that Startups do in their due dilligence process when they are about to enter the Blockchain space and decide on which token to build their solution on. Many favor ETH for the “ease” of building in their tech stack, but other than that what would you recommend Entrepreneurs check before deciding?

Moltas merces Carlos!

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Hi Carlos! I am very excited about the future of digitized securities on the blockchain. I find it hard to collect info about all projects who have successfully launched a security token. Is it because those offers are usually only to private investors?

Thank you!

Hey, thanks for doing this AMA!

Would you say that security tokens are a way to open borders to get access to larger and more global investor pools? Or there are still many regulatory constraints to do that?

Hello Carlos, thanks for taking our questions.

Bloomberg says that security tokens are Crypto for the already rich, would you agree? And what would be the best way for the not “already rich” to get involved in security tokens


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Hey man, I’m looking to tokenize real estate and hoping to create a dex for people to trade their shares. What are the current requirements to launch a token like that?

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Hi Carlos, thank you for taking the time to do an AMA!

First of all, it’s stupendous you’ve launched actual crypto tokens on a public market! :star_struck: Congrats! I honestly didn’t know this was possible.

It seems as though stricter regulations are inevitable, as soon as the SEC figures out just what the hell is going on in this space, yet a lot of people are willing to brush this off and say that zero regulation is the future (after all, how do you globally regulate something like cryptocurrency with laws in one particular country?).

My question is: how do you think the crypto industry should approach regulation?

Hey Carlos. Thank you for answering all our questions!!!

I saw your partnered with lottery.com;

How did you come to make the decision to work with them and what excites you the most about gambling on the blockchain?

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Hola Carlos,
Very grateful to be able to ask you a question.
You were pretty early in the game with Spice VC!
What is some key take away that’s you’ve learned working with a fund ?
Thank you very much

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Hi Carlos, thank you for setting aside time for the AMA.

  • What have been the most complicated problems your platform has faced?
  • Which region has the most “friendly” regulation for ST?
  • For companies that want to issue a ST, what should be the starting point and what mistakes shouldn’t they make?
  • How can regulations be optimized for the entrance of people with small capital to ST?

Thank you

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Hi Carlos,
I understand that you are from Europe, why did you choose to go in the American market when Canada, the EU and Australia have more permissive regulatory structures for financial products?
Very curious and gracias.



Hi Carlos, I am not an expert in security token and very happy to have this opportunity to ask you this question. One of the difficulties with securities token is trading them! Does securitize act as a broker deal and how do transaction for security token work for private transaction ?

Thank you


Hi Carlos,

They were a couple of cases of securities fraud involving regulation.
A famous one in France revolved around manuscripts and the issuers were found liable. How do you guys deal with liability with products difficult to value like art ?


Hey Carlos! How important is insurance for software involving securities and do you work with insurers in case of a hack or something like that?

Hey @carlosdomingo, thanks for taking the time to do a Hacker Noon AMA.

Do you think we’ll live in a world where startups use digital securities sales as regularly as they use equity sales to raise money? If so, when? If not, why not?


Hi Carlos,
Great to see you here! loved to see Securitize at Lendit as well.
A fun question for you : What is the most annoying question you always get about security tokens and what is the best one?


Hi Carlos, how cool you’re on Hackernoon,
I am wondering : Can the same security token be used across different jurisdictions (US/EU)?

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Hi Carlos,
Gracias para hacer un AMA!

One not very relevant question for you: What is/are your must-read book(s)?


How do I join the AMA? Where the link is going to be posted?