I like the lockdown

I sort of like the lockdown, my bank account is growing because I don’t buy random crap I don’t need and I’ve been really productive.

Anyone else being weird?

I’m with you.

I work as a developer for a company that has always hated working from home. Laptop & WiFi, throw up a hammock in the garden, I’m good to go. Company has been forced to trust us to work, and are now looking at abandoning their offices after lockdown!

No commuting, no buying crap, delivery services bring stuff I do need to me, and I live in a nice area with lots of greenery around.

We booked a holiday that might get cancelled, but have good insurance, and there will be other holidays.

What’s not to like?

I wouldn’t say I’m enjoying this but the isolation doesn’t bother me at all. I have read Altered Carbon, begun practicing Spanish again, gotten 5 seasons into Brooklyn 99, do project, and have been cooking regularly including baking))