I have been 9 days above, my article still not published

Hello Hackernoon, I have submitted an article named “What Makes Blue Apron a Unique Startup?”

My profile is - https://hackernoon.com/@paresh-sagar

Can you please have a look at once and let me know if have any concern.

Looking forward to hearing from you a positive response.

Many Thanks.

Hi @arthur.tkachenko,

Please review my story

@ashleyjohn1189 just published it - cool article - I like it.
Small note, please add a disclaimer about vested interests in your next submissions.

And our main thread for requesting review is here: Did you review my stories thread (5+ days since submission)

Do you have another story in our queue right now?

Hi @paresh-sagar I saw your story long time ago. I have big knowledge in food tech and any story related to food cathing my attention. The problem is - your story promoting development company services and I can’t publish it without changes. We have another way to publish promotional content - do you want to know more about it?


Hi @arthur.tkachenko

Please review my story.

Hi @keerthana, i checked your story before and find out that it’s promoting a script.
usually it’s a red-flag for personaly story and can be a cause of rejection.
For promotions we have brand-as-author program - are you interested to explore it?
I moved your link to the bottom of the story and in order to get published - you should add disclosure about your vested interest.

Then buzz me here and I’ll review your story again.