I have a confession to make… I commit to master

I have a confession to make… I commit to master.

I used to preach about Git Flow to keep my code releasable, rollback-able, and keep a clean history. But not anymore — now, bad code doesn’t make it into my codebase.

It wasn’t clear by reading the article - Where exactly do you catch logic bugs? :grinning:

I hope you can imagine for a moment that this wasn’t a run off the mill node app.

Jest runs abysmally slow inside of a docker container for me, using these configs on Mojave OSX. Despite me trying almost all the solutions here: https://github.com/facebook/jest/issues/1395

Do you still do PR’s with your team? How do you do that effectively with one branch?

yup - you can still use branches - it’s more about keeping them short lived and small as possible. I use PR’s to spin up preview environments. They are against master when needed though, not something like gitflow.

I’ve used this approach on teams with 20 engineers.

As far a slow jest on mac - I use fedora, but I used mac for years - in mac docker runs in a VM - make sure you have enough resources allocated to that VM