I claim that this circuit will work. What if can’t?

I must manage the SSR with 2 microprocessors. I MUST. But I think this circuit is okey.
First Microprocessor is Arduino and second is PIC 16F628A. PIC is EXTRA system. If Arduino fails pic will work.If pic fails Arduino will work.
I need circuit that operate the SSR with 2 microprocessors. I thought OR gate would be helpful.
But I am not sure about the Servo’s. How can I control servo’s through SSR with 2 microprocessors.
Because of the Analog data problem.
Can I set the Servo’s (SG-90) just to turn 180 degrees
(I forgot to add 12V-5V Voltage Divider to Servo’s at the diagram)
Please help if you find something wrong in this circuit and how to change them.
here , the system diagram and datasheet of the OR Gate (74LS32)

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