I can't login to my hackernoon account


Since Hackernoon moved to 2.0, I’m unable to login. I tried my community handle and even tried signingup and yet still redirecting to the sign up/login page again and again. Can anyone help?

here’s my previous hackernoon account handle: hackernoon.com/@rohanofficial

@David @arthur.tkachenko


I can’t find my profile either. Here’s the link: https://hackernoon.com/@akashc19

I have published more than 10 stories but only 2 are live. These stories can be viewed only if I enter the story url in the address bar.

Is hackernoon web 2.0 different from hackernoon community? I mean I did sign up for community.hackernoon.com way back, but my hackernoon writer profile is not there. It shows a 404 page.

Do I need to signup elsewhere? Thanks! @arthur.tkachenko @David


Replied at Hacker Noon Writer Dashboard Welcome Screen

tell me if you need more details


Dear @romiofficialx, we haven’t moved 100% yet. The team is still getting the rest of the content up today.
As for signing in, please visit hackernoon.com and click “get started”. Then use the same email & password (not handle) you use for your community account to sign in.
Once signed in, don’t forget to update your profile. To submit a story, click new draft.

Let me know if that works!


Hi @romiofficialx, sorry you’re having trouble logging in! Where are you logging in from? In other words, how are you getting to auth.hackernoon.com? The more details, the better.


Sorry about that @akashc19! We are still scraping the rest of them from our servers. Rest assure that they are all still there.
Once Medium stops directing links to HackerNoon.com, you will be able to access them on Medium too.

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I went to app.hackernoon.com. Scrolled down to For writers column and then Submit a tech story. The page asks to login or signup. I used the same login creds as my community.hackernoon and the previous hackernoon account. The result is same, again redirecting to sign up/login page.


Hi Linh,

My apologies for being so impatient. The account is still not working and I can’t login. But I think its because the migration to Hackernoon 2.0 is not complete yet. So I think, I’ll wait a few days. Thanks.


@linh @austin yeah, it’s still not working. I can see some of my stories by entering the story URL, but I can’t log into my account. It’s just not there, still a 404 page.

I visit hackernoon.com, click on get started, then click on submit a tech story from writers’ section, then I’m asked to enter the credentials where I enter my community.hackernoon.com details. Then I get this page.

I click on sign up log in, enter details, again this page. You can see my profile is still not up: https://hackernoon.com/@akashc19