I can't access, edit or delete my stories


I had published a few stories on Hackernoon 1.0 but after the migration, the stories disappeared. I submitted a query and one of the stories cam live on Hackernoon 2.0. But the problem is, half of the article was missing. I created my account on HN 2.0 as well but the story is still not in my profile. I can’t edit it, access it or delete it.

@Hackerhodl @natasha

Will anyone help me?

P.S. I tried support form, contribute form. Nothing worked.

URL: https://hackernoon.com/best-web-hosting-services-for-small-businesses-75bfe010118d

Profile: hackernoon.com/@rohanofficiall

Hey @rohanofficiall,

Fixed your story for you: https://hackernoon.com/best-web-hosting-services-for-small-businesses-75bfe010118d

Apologies for the inconvenience.