I am Unable to Submit My Story

Hello @arthur.tkachenko , @davidmark , @author , @Tech

I am unable to Publish my story from Hocknoon, I have submitted the content and images but if I click the “Submit the Story for Review” its not working… Could you please check the issue, so I can submit my story into HackerNoon.

Draft Link - https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/EFCRSFQa325U9sTyCgMG


I had the same problem. I submitted my story without pictures and it worked. Truth to be told, these pictures weren’t essential for my story.

I’m sure it will be fixed soon.

@aasif-khan @nebojsa.todorovic
Can you try to upload your images now? I think our developers started a big migration script for images recently.

We want to improve our page loading speed and image optimization is crucial for that.
I’m not sure if it’s completed - but hope these details will help.


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Still getting same issue and showing “Saving Draft” … Please check and get to fix the issues ASAP

@aasif-khando do you want me to try to submit your article for editorial review?

Yes, But how can you add images on it?? cause draft not saving and need to update the images… Please help me.

I have submitted my story now, please check and let me know.

@aasif-khan @nebojsa.todorovic I just get a notification from our dev team.
I think we can upload images now. If you’ll get the same issue - please tell me and I’ll move it to our developers.

Have a nice day!

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yes, image uploading is working now. if it is not please let us know!

Working Now… and Published … Thanks

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