I am kind of an existing writer @ HackerNoon :)

Hey guys,

I just submitted a story from my personal Medium.com account, but I was involved in getting the aeternity Blog added to HackerNoon and have already submitted several stories through it. Thanks for that :slight_smile:

I am still the Head of Communications at aeternity blockchain, but would like to start sharing articles from my personal account as well. This is the blog post submitted just now (for reference). It is a non-published draft:

I also got in touch with David Smooke in Twitter for a possible AMA cooperation.

All the best,

Hey Vlad, Welcome! What’s your experience with posting on different platforms? Medium, Hackernoon, vs your own domain? I’m trying to write on a consistent basis.

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Hey, we have mainly posed in Hackernoon and on our own blog (Medium). The rest was PR articles. I love medium.