I am Erik Zhang (@neoerikzhang), founder and core developer of NEO. Ask me anything! July 7/02/2019 @7:30 PM PST

Hi Erik,

If you had to tell which projects are your favorite NEO projects, which ones would they be and why?

Hello Erik,

As a founder, you have to deal with many things and usually your coding time get sucked and you have to deal with admin.

How did you deal with this?

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Good evening Erik,

Who are your mentors in the security industry?

Thank you so much


Good evening Erik,
How did you guys grow such a massive community? Did any specific action had a massive impact ? Big respect :open_mouth: and thank you so much for answering our questions.


Good evening Erik,

I know China is pretty tough in terms of regulations and bans everything related to crypto though the biggest OTC market are out there.

How did you approach this problem?

Hi Erik,
Do you play any video game? What is your favorite blockchain game? thanks and keep up the good work.


Hi Erik,

How did you decide on which exchange you wanted to list NEO ? (Piggy backing on the security question by @adamzdot


Hi Erik,
What does your routine look like as a core developer?
How did you evaluate the other core developers that helped you building NEO?


Hi Mr,Zhang,

As a security engineer you must be dealing with very sensitive infos,

What is a moment in your life where you were the most stressed on coding something?

Hi Erik,

I read this on Coindesk a couple of weeks ago.

'In April, NEO co-founder Erik Zhang announced that an optimized version of the blockchain network will relaunch as NEO 3.0 in 2020. The underlying infrastructure will be so different that token holders will need to turn in their assets for newly issued tokens.

Zhang told CoinDesk this process will not require know-your-customer (KYC) information, as the Singapore-based NEO Foundation will simply destroy the old assets and airdrop new tokens to designated wallets."

I am confused about the fact that the people you’ll airdrop tokens to won’t need KYC, won’t this be a problem if token holder has malicious attentions?

Hi Erik,
So happy to see you here! I am a big fan of NEO! loved your gathering last year in San Francisco. How did you grow such a massive community and what is something that gets you the most excited about blockchain in 2020?

Big thanks

Hi Erik,
Thank you so much for doing the AMA.
I want to ask you about Facebook’s new crypto Libra (you may have been fed up of hearing about it recently). Supposed you are an average user, would you trust Facebook with your online payment, especially with its consecutive data and privacy-related scandals in the recent time?

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Hey @erikzhang, thanks for taking the time! With NEO3 looking to “enable a blockchain that’s ready for large-scale commercial use,” where do you forsee that commercial use coming from? i.e. what industries, institutions and verticals?

Currently we are working on NEO3, which is ready for large scale commercial applications. NEO3 will catalyze a shift towards a smart economy by providing an even more open platform that will empower blockchain developers with improved scalability, functionality, and user experience.

That’s why we need blockchain.


Fees are per request.


The built-in oracle in NEO3 is a simple and asynchronous service. It has no conflict with other decentralized oracle networks.

The biggest competitive advantage of the public blockchain is its ecosystem.

We are designing new pricing model for NEO3. And gas will be used in more scenarios, such as NeoFS.

Selecting groups is a good option.

Consensus algorithms still have a lot of room for improvement, and we will continue the research on it.

I think protocol level should be as simple as possible. Complex functions should be included in application level.

In NeoVM level, we need to retain the ability to program in any language. Developing a new domain-specific language is also an option. However, we need to consider the learning costs of developers.